1. Tutors willing to do hometuitions should register with the institute and give their complete details. click "tutor registration" and fill your information. Also email copies of your biodata, certificates and id.proof (Adhar) to 
2. Parents/students want of hometuition should register with the institute and give their complete details. click"student registration" and fill your information.  Pay the HOME TUITION registration fee online. click"pay online" and complete the payment process online. Then call to the institute mobile/ land number.
3. 50 percent of the first month tuition fee will be taken by the institute as service charge. The tutor get only 50percent salary first month. however the tutor will take complete salary from the parent from second month.
4. If the parent ask for tutor change, 50percent salary of the new tutor should again be paid to the institute and can deduct  the amount from new tutors first month salary.
5. For hometuition packages 1/3 of the total package money will be institute's commission.
6. Tuition duration: One and half hour (normally in the evenings) & Six days a week.
7. The only service that the institute providing is always arranging a home tutor to the parent. The institute is not responsible for the result of the tuition and not responsible for any dispute rose between the tutor and parent.
8. The parents can inform the institute about the hometutor's irregularity/leaves/increased mobile phone usage/ reckless behaviour...etc if they find incovenient.
9. Preference of a ladytutor is only an option. if the institute cannot get a ladytutor in a particular area then male tutor will be sent.
10. The home tutor should give a copy of his/her complete bio-data to the parent.  The same copy should be mailed to

11. The institute expects faithful and friendly relation among student, tutor & parent and always expect amicable solution if any problem rises. 

12. Disputes if any are subjected to Kakinada jurisdiction only.

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Mobile: +91 98855 82788
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